This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of chronic oedema/lymphoedema, which is the underlying problem in most patients with wet legs.

We will share with you newly developed management pathways for both chronic oedema and wet legs, and through practical workshops, consider various aspects of care.

The course will encourage you to think holistically, and provide an opportunity to explore the role of health coaching and how you can encourage patient participation.


• Understanding of A and P of chronic oedema/lymphoedema
• Understand key aspects of the management of chronic oedema, focussing on skin care and compression
• Understand different forms of compression, circular knit, flat knit, wrap systems and bandaging
• Be able to measure for compression systems
• Understand latest advice about vascular assessments, prior to using compression including bandaging
• Understand when to refer to specialist services
• Understand the holistic approach to managing these patients
• Understand that managing the chronic oedema of today prevents the wet legs of tomorrow

Tissue Viability Teaching Schedule 2019