This Seminar will be delivered as a Read Codes CTv3 (SystmOne). The seminar is aimed at users with some knowledge and experience of coding.


The aim of the workshop is to ensure delegates are comfortable with the content of letters, identifying what to code from the letters and how to consistently and accurately code patient data.

This is an interactive session and does require delegate participation throughout.

Read Codes & Data Quality The importance of coding, structure of read codes and common errors when coding patient data
Interactive session - coding clinical letters
Summarising Patient Records What data in clinical letters should be included on a summary?
Basic Medical Terminology for non-clinical staff Breaking down words, understanding how to find words in the clinical system read code hierarchy
Interactive session - recap of the morning’s key messages to embed learning
12:30 - Lunch
Interactive session - coding clinical letters
Clinical systems, scanning solutions & workflow process
Interactive session - coding clinical letters
Setting the scene for on-site training days (only included if on-site days are included)

Refreshments and lunch are provided for this course.