This is the first in a two-part series of FREE online conferences. We will cover a variety of clinical issues affecting ethnic minority patients in the UK, and focus on data, diagnoses and management that affect these patient groups. Our aim is to move from conversations to actions, improving patient care in General Practice. The design and delivery of this conference is a collaborative effort of the RCGP faculties of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Learning objectives:

1.   Understand the evidence linking ethnicity, protected characteristics, and health outcomes
2.    Acknowledge the ethnic minority patients’ perspectives of health and illness
3.    Promote the best management within primary care
4.    Promote partnerships working with local organisations and community assets to improve patient care

Areas covered:

1.   History of medicine
2.   Dermatology
3.   Haematology and Rheumatology
4.   Consultation skills and ethnic diversity
5.   Mental Health
6.   Lifestyle medicine panel discussion

Keynote speakers:

Professor Amanda Howe, RCGP President
Dr Valerie Vaughn-Dick, RCGP Chief Operating Officer

Conference Chairs and Speakers:

Dr Shani Gray
Dr Yasotha Browne
Dr Adam Mulla
Dr Sharon Belmo
Dr Teena Fernandez
Dr Ash Samanta
Dr Farrukh Shash
Dr Sarah Tade
Dr Anwar Khan
Dr Sam Samaratunga
Dr Roddy Evans
Dr Salman Waqar
Dr Rupa Joshi
Professor Dawn Edge
Dr Hammad Ahmed
Dr Charlotte Marriott
Dr Sandra Isibor
Dr Raisha Nurani

The live conferences are open to RCGP members only. They will be recorded and available for on demand access to all healthcare professionals at a later date.