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As General Practitioners, our job can be isolating when working alone in an office especially doing telephone consults, or on very busy days when we are unable to spare few minutes to interact with other members of staff.

Many GPs find it difficult to build new networks and relationships, and this has been made worse by the Pandemic.

There are many things we struggle with like time management, procrastination, burn-out, anxiety, excessive workload etc

What if we could learn from each other, grow and expand together as professionals by collaborating and co-creating solutions to some of this problems we encounter?

This is Co-Elevation – its an opportunity to network, grow, expand, join ideas with other midcareer GPs to co-create solutions to simple and big issues affecting MidCareer GPs and GPs as a whole.

”Poverty is Scarcity of relationships; Success is abundance of relationships’’

This is a great opportunity to network and build relationships.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to join the first of its Kind: Co-Elevation with fellow GPs.

Few Important Points:

  • It is going to an active session; all cameras will need to be on.
  • We will be going into breakout rooms for short periods of time, It is very essential to join the zoom meeting on time as once everyone are in breakout rooms, you will be unable to join.
  • Be ready to interact and contribute to discussions in the breakout rooms.
  • Great opportunity to interact and network with like-minded individuals.

Remember ‘’Your Network is your NetWorth’’.

This session is facilitated by Dr Ayede Ologun.

Only those who register will receive a joining link to ZOOM and this will be emailed to you for final registration before the event.

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