This session is open to those working in health, social care, the voluntary sector or not-for-profit sector in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The Staff Support Hub has run lots of webinars on issues relating to managing staff wellbeing. These coaching sessions of small groups offer a confidential space for staff who manage others to reflect and think through some of the challenges in navigating this in practice.

We appreciate that managers come very compassionately motivated and have competing demands and policies on how to do this. Such a complex task sometimes needs some thinking space as there are not always clear ways forward.

These groups will be suitable for any manager who wants to embody and create fairness and good practice and consider the impact of their work relationships on themselves and others.

There will be five people in each group and they will run fortnightly for 1.5 hours and for an initial period of three sessions. It is better if you can commit to most of the sessions when you sign up.

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