This 90-minute session focuses on having wellbeing conversations that are useful, without ‘rescuing’ people who don’t need saving. Peers can value a useful coaching conversation to regain perspective lost through stress, but stoics can find it hard to ask for help, and people who are overwhelmed simply don’t know where to start. We’ll focus on practical, ‘in flight’ coaching when working side by side with colleagues who need support. Key topics addressed include:

  • Coaching for resilience – working with stoics and the overwhelmed
  • Enhancing listening skills for coaches and reframing in the moment
  • Asking clean questions (clean of assumptions)
  • Coaching practice

About the Caring Systems masterclass series:

This is a series of 90-minute, high speed virtual masterclasses for leaders working in challenging, constantly evolving systems – who still need to care for the people in their team and find ways to care for themselves. The workshops are practical, interactive and should be enjoyable. Each one includes a different ‘airlock’ meditation to tune out the emotional noise, and the demands placed on you, to help you to fully participate. You will notice the thread of systems leadership and individual care running through the whole series.