The talk will be a practical overview of the evidence and guidelines that support the use of combination antithrombotic therapy in patients who have a clinical indication for concurrent use of long term anticoagulant therapy as well as antiplatelet therapy for atherosclerotic vascular disease.

The primary focus will be on patients with non-valvular AF or VTE who also have a history of CAD, and in particular percutaneous coronary revascularisation.

The talk will also address key areas such as perioperative management of antithrombotic therapy, risk stratification of an individual patient’s ischaemic vs bleeding risk and the role of NOACs in supplementing or substituting antiplatelet therapy in patients who do not otherwise require the use of anticoagulant therapy.

The role of these antithrombotic agents in cerebrovascular or peripheral vascular disease would be better addressed by experts in these respective clinical domains.

Speaker: Dr Unni Krishnan, Consultant Cardiologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Royal Papworth Hospital

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