The main aim of this half day is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in both patient education within consultations and professional colleague-to-colleague conversations.

Aimed at

This course is open to any registered clinician and would be ideal to use as part of an induction or new to practice toolkit.

Anticipated outcomes include

  • Some consultations will be shorter
  • Your patient education will be more effective
  • Your patient education will employ a wider range of educational methods
  • Your 3-way consultations will be more focused, to the patient’s advantage
  • You will enhance your framework for initiating and conducting tricky colleague-to-colleague conversations

Activities include

  • Introductions and aims
  • Revision of successes and challenges from previously
  • Group Exercise – Deriving a Spectrum of Prompts
  • Patient education – key messages
  • Skills Practising Exercise – Patient Education with “Elicit, Provide, Elicit”
  • Multiplayer consultations – discussion and demonstration including:
    o Primary-school aged child with parent
    o Patient with adult companion
    o Crowds (2 or more companions)
    o Working with interpreters
  • Colleague-colleague communication challenges
  • Brainstorm of challenges
  • Skills Practising Exercise – Tricky conversations with colleagues
  • Rounding off – a SMART action plan for all attendees
  • How to continue to develop skills, after the seminar