What difference does being compassionate really make in the workplace? Well the evidence is pretty compelling. For example, kindness and compassion is strongly associated with trust. Workplace trust is a vital component in effective team working and interpersonal relationships. Compassion has also been associated with improved business performance as well as effective and ethical leadership. In short, building a compassionate culture is not only good for our health and happiness, but it seems that it is good for business too.

By the end of the session participants will have:

  • Learnt what compassionate conversation is
  • Understood how compassionate conversation can really make a difference
  • Learnt how to use compassionate conversation within the workplace
  • Enhanced their compassionate responses to the need of others
  • Improved their day to day communication

Click on this link for more information – What is a compassionate conversation? And can it really make a difference? | Added Value Learning

This interactive workshop is facilitated by Byron Lee.

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Via Zoom

• You will need a webcam and a headset to fully participate.
• The computer will need to have the sound function on so you can hear and speak at the webinar.
• You will need to be connected to the internet for the duration of the webinar.
• We will send an email with details of instructions for the day to all participants, prior to the date.
• Please note: this webinar may be recorded.