Compassionate Conversations Workshop

What difference does being compassionate really make in the workplace? Well the evidence is pretty compelling. For example, kindness and compassion is strongly associated with trust. And workplace trust is a vital component in effective team working and interpersonal relationships. The last 18 months has highlighted how important our relationships are for both wellbeing and for getting things done.  So building a compassionate culture through everyday compassionate conversations has a wide range of benefits including boosting our health and wellbeing, enhancing our working relationships, and creating an inclusive and supportive climate.

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand compassionate conversation, what they are and  how they can make a difference
  • Learn how to use compassionate conversation within the workplace
  • Have ways to enhance their compassionate responses to the need of others
  • Have a plan to apply the learning in their day to day communication

Follow the link for more information:  What is a compassionate conversation? And can it really make a difference? | Added Value Learning