You can attend this workshop at any time and for as long as needed. There are no restrictions on arrival and leaving times.

Snacks & Drinks will be available.


What to Expect in the Workshops:

  • Increase your knowledge on products/dressings on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Wound Care Formulary
  • Supported practice of Doppler, four layer and short stretch bandaging skills
  • Supported practice of hosiery, wraps and Wound Express (Intermittent Compression Therapy)
  • Skills: You can achieve your competency sign-off for bandaging, Doppler, V.A.C if needed. Please bring your competency checklist with evidence of your practice.
  • Anyone who has attended the 2 leg ulcer study days and/or the chronic oedema study days is advised to attend to complete/practice their practical skills training.


The companies supporting the practical days are:

Coloplast (dressing), Convatec (dressings), Essity (dressing and Hosiery), Huntleigh (Wound Express), L&R (bandages), 3M (dressings and V.A.C.), Urgo (bandages and Hosiery), CD Medical (dressing), Flen Health.