The main aim of this half day is to enhance time-effectiveness during face-to-face consultations in primary care.

Aimed at

This course is open to any registered clinician and would be ideal to use as part of an induction or new to practice toolkit.

Anticipated outcomes include

  • Some consultations will be shorter
  • All consultations will be more efficient
  • Fewer late-arising agenda items (indeed, these can be abolished!)


Activities include

  • Introductions and aims
  • Exercise – Self as a patient
  • Exercise – Self as a clinician – successes and challenges
  • Presentation with discussion of the key points of the Calgary Cambridge framework – emphasising the importance of understanding the patient’s perspective and demonstrating to the patient that you understood, with a focus on the micro-skills that promote safety and effective use of time
  • Skills Practising Exercise – Controlling contributions
  • Skills Practising Exercise – Establishing the agenda (eliminating late-arising agenda items)
  • Rounding off – a SMART action plan for all attendees
  • How to continue to develop skills after the seminar