A training session designed to equip practice nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a thorough and effective pill check and general contraceptive consultation. Provides an overview of all methods of contraception.

Review of:

  • LARC methods – implants, coils and injectables
  • Hormonal methods (combined and progestogens) – advantages and disadvantages of both
  • The consultation and minimum criteria before prescribing/repeating pill scripts
  • Hypertension and the pill
  • Thrombophilia and the pill
  • Family history/Obesity/Long-haul flights etc
  • Over 35s/Smokers
  • Migraine (with or without aura)
  • Efficacy of the pill and contraindications
  • Missed pill recommendations
  • Starting the pill
  • Acne and Dianette
  • Emergency contraception
  • all other methods of contraception including new innovations and developments

This programme focuses on enabling HCPs to improve their contraceptive consultations. On completion of the training they will be able to offer patients a breadth of choice and accurate information and perform safe pill checks.
Particular emphasis is paid to how to use the UKMEC (UK Medical Eligibility Criteria)

Please note that places for CAMSFED (Cambridgeshire GP Federations) practices are free as they are being subsidised by the Federation. Click here to see list of practices.
Other practices are welcome to attend for a £40 fee.

Please note that refreshments are not provided and you will need to take your own.