In this webinar, we will examine contractual QI requirements, QOF in England/ NI, QAIF in Wales and cluster projects in Scotland and see if QI methodology can make these programmes of work have long lasting impact and sustainable changes in practice.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore contractual QI targets
  • Encourage curiosity for improvement beyond targets and tools
  • Outline improvement science that helps encourage change
  • Share tips for getting into the habit of improvement
  • Consider ways and opportunities to share areas of good practice

Who is it for:

GPs, GPNs, ANPs, Practice managers, pharmacists, and all primary care clinical or admin teams involved in contractual quality improvement activities.


Background: The Covid pandemic has disrupted the whole of the NHS and resulted in delays to planned QOF QI modules in England and Northern Ireland. Identification and prioritisation of improvement initiatives were necessarily scaled back in Wales and Scotland clusters. Workload and staffing issues remain a series issue in many parts of the UK. Optimising contractual QI will support other improvement work in primary care.

This webinar is the third in a series exploring QI in primary care through the quality improvement capacity and knowledge (QUICK) project, a collaboration between RCGP and The Health Foundation.