Join healthcare professionals who are passionate about environmentally sustainable healthcare.
We look forward to seeing you on 14 July 2023

Achieving zero emissions in health and care

Join us on 14 July for the new conference, Net Zero Clinical Care, jointly organised by BMJ and the UK Health Alliance on Clinical Care (UKHACC). You will learn how each health and care professional can help the NHS achieve its net zero target by 2040 whilst also improving the quality of patient care.

If you are a healthcare professional and just becoming interested in environmentally sustainable healthcare, or if you have already started on your net zero journey, be empowered and inspired by others on how you can take action.

Considerable progress has already been made but together, we can achieve even more. Further innovation and collaboration is needed to close the gap to a net zero health and care system in the UK, and every healthcare professional has a part to play.

The conference will enable action, build awareness and create a community