This meeting is part of the requirements of the Diabetes LES and is open to all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough PCN or Practice Diabetes Leads
Facilitated by Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick, ICS Clinical Lead – Diabetes and Obesity           


Item Time Speaker
Welcome and Introductions 13:00-13:05 Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick
Medicine Team update - Diabetes Technology, GLP-1 and Obesity, Medication shortages, Blood glucose strips 13:05-14:05 Stephanie Ramson/ Ellie Gurnell
Diabetes LES Summary & Implications for Practices - Weight Management, Dietary Sheets, Very Low Calorie Diet, Eclipse, Metformin & B12, Virtual Clinic Reviews (VCRs) 14:05-14:35 Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick
T2DR (formally LCD) Programme - OVIVA 14:35-14:45 Karen Miller
National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) 14:45-14:55 Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick & Hayley Cottam, Reed Wellbeing
Close 14:55-15:00 Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick

Date of next meeting: Weds 13th September 1-3pm