Autumn Meeting Oct 2019 Diabetes Clinical Leads (practice or PCN):

  1. To be informed of the agreed ‘vision’ of the new Diabetes with Obesity  Strategy, including education of ‘Ambition for Remission’.
  2. To participate, create and agree the new standardised Primary Care pathway for Pre-Diabetes , T2DM and DM Footcare (as part of the Pathway Re-Design of D&O Strategy Delivery Plan) (Process-Mapping Exercise).
  3. To peer-review performance data (3TT / Structured Education/NDPP) and learn and develop new ways of working to improve these.


We really want the DM Clinical Leads (from Practices/PCN/IN) to be part of the development of the new Pathways as they are very much based in Primary Care – these meetings would allow us to utilise the clinical skills and experience of the DM Clinical Leads to ensure that such pathways are both manageable and sustainable, to identify skill gaps and resource/asset requirements etc

They will not be simply in ‘attendance’, but rather completing various group exercises to help us write the Delivery Plans for the D&O Strategy and thus bring about change and transformation of our Diabetes Treatment Targets and Outcomes.

Additionally – Dr Ian Lake – GPwSI in Diabetes – Type 1 and Low Carb is our guest speaker, explaining the importance of the ‘individualised carbohydrate assessment’ at every diabetes annual review, (and how to do this) & opportunity. There should be an ambition for remission for all Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr. Ian Lake is a GP locum in Gloucestershire. He is a founder member of the Public Health Collaboration, (, which is a charity dedicated to promoting a real food lifestyle. He is a medical advisor for Diabetes Digital Media and has worked with them to produce a low carbohydrate program for people with Type 1 Diabetes. (  He has T1 himself and uses a ketogenic diet as part of the management of this condition. (