Autumn Meeting Oct 2019 Diabetes HCA (1 HCA per 500 Diabetic patients in practice or PCN):

The nominated HCAs/DCTs should be those who conduct the DM Annual Reviews & will work for the PCN Diabetes Clinical Lead in data-gathering, analysis and call-re-call processes in order to achieve NDA 3TTs.

Two HCA Meetings: Autumn & Spring

These meetings will be to Inform & Educate HCAs regarding newly designed pathways – particularly:

  • Patient Activation Scores (& how to measure these)
  • optimal 8 Care Processes call/re-call (including how to use of ECLIPSE for those practices with ECLIPSE or internal audits for those without)
  • 3TT
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Use of wider team – DCT / Health coaches etc
  • Assessing feet & the new Foot Care Pathway (led by Podiatrist)
  • Assessing ABPI

This October HCA meeting will have two guest speakers – a DCT to describe how to deliver the ‘Gold Standard C&P Diabetes Annual Review’; and Podiatrist – how to assess feet & the new Foot Care Pathway.