Welcome  Dr Tanya Bleiker  BAD President
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton
  Background/national context  Lisa Hollins  NHSX, Director of digital innovation
  Introduction with a patient  representative  Amanda Roberts  Patient and public involvement representative
  Case study: Gloucester team Cinapsis  Dr William Porter  Consultant Dermatologist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation  Trust
  Case study:Pando hospital in house       communication  Dr Natalya Fox  Dermatology Registrar, Epsom & St Helier Trust Hospitals
 Case study: Barts eRS A&G  Dr Rebeca Goiriz  Consultant Dermatologist, Barts Health NHS Trust
 Case study: Exeter eRS and consultant connect  Dr Carolyn Charman  Consultant Dermatologist,

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

 Feedback and Q&A    All
 Close  Tanya Bleiker and Lisa Hollins  BAD/ NHSX