The aim of these meetings is to meet with colleagues and help us improve peer-to-peer connection across our wide geography. While travel and face to face meetings are not possible, professional isolation and social disconnection have both been damaging to our mental wellbeing, whilst simultaneously our work has become more challenging than ever before.

We would like to reverse that sense of isolation by creating a supportive and friendly space and offering a regular opportunity to engage informally with peers outside of the workplace and any formal Faculty meetings or educational events.

We would like the forum to be a place to listen to and get to know each other.

We will be able to share our worries and successes too, offload, and gain inspiration.

We will assemble somewhere that is non-judgemental and safe and where we feel able to express our frustrations, hopes and fears, via laughter or tears.

Dr Lucy Henshall and Dr Ike Nnene will facilitate the forum, enabling informal dialogue and discussion without any pre-fixed agenda. Members will be able to share concerns, opinions and ask questions to which participants will be able to contribute.

We hope that all who participate will derive support and a sense of community from the meetings. Meetings will not be recorded.

The forum is intended to help connect colleagues and will run monthly, evolving over time to best meet the expressed needs/wishes of Faculty members.