This event is popular and places are funded by the Training Hub, so please only book if you are sure you can attend. If you do book and later find you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know so that we can reallocate your place to our waiting list.

Complaints and challenging patients

Conflict resolution

  • How to handle an aggressive patient – What to do/say and what to NOT say
  • How to cope with the abusive patient
  • How to diffuse the situation
  • When to send a Zero tolerance notification and when you should and can remove a patient

Deteriorating patients

How to handle emergency situations

  • What advice/appointment should you offer a patient with chest pain
  • What advice/appointment should you offer a suicidal patient
  • How to prioritise your queue or spot the increasingly ill patient in the waiting area

Signposting and understanding new roles

Types of roles within Primary Care

  • The importance/skills of each role and who they can see
  • What services are available
  • The role of a PCN