This event is popular and places are funded by the Training Hub, so please only book if you are sure you can attend. If you do book and later find you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know so that we can reallocate your place to our waiting list.

A half day workshop focussed on developing key skills to enhance personal effectiveness at work.

Workshop delivery: Online Facilitator led workshop – delegates will be invited to participate
in small group and large group discussions and skills practice exercise

Session 1: Time Management

  • Planning and prioritising: The Eisenhower matrix; setting goals and deadlines
  • Managing distractions and multiple priorities; resilient thinking and the organised mind
  • Mindfulness tools for shifting attention, refocussing and taking effective breaks
  • Time management tips

Session 2: Communication

  • The importance of effective communication & shared understanding
  • Communication tools: Words, tone, body language & the impact of distress
  • Assertive, passive and aggressive communication styles; and personal responsibility
  • Empathic communication – in person, on the phone and in the written word

Session 3: Teamwork & Confidence

  • Being part of a team; The effect of belonging
  • Key team working elements: communication; situational awareness; leadership, mutual support & shared vision
  • Identifying individual signature strengths – building confidence & highlighting team strengths