Please note that this event is part of a three-part series. If you are interested in signing up for the later sessions “Unlocking Fairness: A Series on Pay Gaps in the NHS and Partner Organisations” masterclass one and two then please sign up for session 1 and if you are interested in attending session 2 and 3, please complete the expression of interest form. Due to limited availability, there are 40 spaces for the masterclasses.

About this event:

Explore the nuances of pay gaps within the NHS and partnership organisations in our upcoming sessions. The first event is open to everyone and focused on Pay Gap landscape and factors across the region, exploring relevant data and have meaningful discussions from an academic point of view. We will also showcase a best-practice example from the East of England Ambulance Service and we will navigate through Pay Gaps for different protected characteristics.

The next event is a two-part series, with capacity of 40 participants, in session one we will delve into the workforce cost implications, navigate challenging scenarios in interactive breakout groups, and gain practical insights and tools through homework and group discussions. Session two offers a focused recap, homework sharing, and introduces the effective G.R.O.W method for setting pay gap goals.

Session 1 – Equal Pay Dialogues: A virtual symposium on eliminating pay inequalities across the region.

  • Why is it important to start the conversations
  • What is important to organisations
  • A discussion on the data and factors- an academic approach
  • Best practice example and how to move on exploring other protected characteristics
  • Challenges on the way / how we tackled them.
  • Bridging Pay Gaps Plans and how these fit into the overall vision of our inclusivity plan.
  • Developing a bespoke plan that works for the sector we are working in.