This webinar will provide tips on how to approach managing foot and ankle conditions remotely. The lockdown has fundamentally changed how GPs and Orthopaedic surgeons consult. Orthopaedic services are a hands-on speciality but basing decisions on remote consultations alone can be difficult.

This session will cover:

  1. A basic foot mechanics refresher
  2. Assessing patients remotely – tips to gain the best assessment and which investigations to use and when
  3. The current management of patients and appropriate referrals
  4. How long to treat – when to review and step-down or stop treatment.
  5. What to do about patients whose symptoms don’t respond.
  6. Identification of red flag symptoms – those that definitely need a referral, and those that can be managed in primary care.

Webinar Chair

Dr Deepika Yadiv, RCGP Midland Faculty College Tutor


Mr Ramos, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Spire Healthcare. For more info on Mr Ramos, click here.

This webinar is in association with Spire Parkway Hospital – for further information, click here.


  • Associate in Training – £15
  • RCGP Member – £20
  • Non-Member – £30