Air pollution is one of the major environmental determinants of health according to the UKHSA and the issue regularly makes headlines.

Every year exposure to air pollution is estimated to cause millions of deaths and the loss of healthy years of life. Evidence shows that it can cause and worsen a range of health conditions and in the UK can contribute to between 28,000 and 36,000 early deaths a year.

Exposure to polluted air can be harmful at every stage of our lives. But how much do you really know about the direct impacts of air pollution on the health of your patients?

If you’re a UK medical or public health professional, student in this field or academic, then you’re invited to attend ‘Every Breath You Treat’ – a special accredited online conference featuring presentations and interactive panel Q&As from an expert line-up of consultants, researchers, and medical professionals.

You’ll learn about how poor air quality interacts with our bodies across the life course from a dozen experts in their field. From preconception, obstetrics and paediatrics at the start of our lives through to cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory and cognitive health in later years—this conference will explain the data and research available to inform your practice and improve patient outcomes.

‘Every Breath You Treat’—believed to be the first accredited conference focused on air quality for UK health professionals—has been recognised as contributing towards accredited professional development by the Royal College of Physicians.This event has also accredited by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). RCPCH has approved this activity for CPD in accordance with the current RCPCH CPD guidelines.

Featuring presentations from a dozen expert speakers, including:

  • Prof. Stephen Holgate, University of Southampton
  • Dr. Mark R. Miller, University of Edinburgh
    Dr. Grace Dugdale, Reproductive Biologist and Nutrition Scientist
  • Dr. Ian Mudway, Imperial College London
    …and many more still to be announced.

The event has been planned and coordinated by Leeds City Council’s Health Protection team and Sustainable Energy and Air Quality team as part of the authority’s Leeds Air Quality Strategy 2021-2030. Leeds has identified tackling air pollution and protecting those most vulnerable as a priority for its policymakers and public health professionals.

Please note: Booking online will reserve your place and right to early bird ticket offer, if applicable. However your ticket will not be valid until after a successful payment has been made.