COVID19 saw a rapid and universal shift to remote triage within primary care: moving swiftly to a mode of delivery that blends face-to-face, telephone, and online / video consultations.

The still-evolving pandemic means that the service delivery models, systems, and patient behaviours are constantly changing and are difficult to predict. The result is, in many places, this new model is yet to embed and start reaping benefits.

From our discussions with many of you, it’s clear that one of the greatest struggles facing GP services in particular is understanding how they can evolve their clinical model using, and responding to, online tools.

Join us as Dr Neil Macey (Stowhealth) shares his practice’s journey as they re-designed their primary care clinical model; from traditional walk in, to telephone triage, to online delivery.

Our discussion will cover key steps in the process, the benefits of being truly ‘demand led’,  and patient feedback.

Of course, Neil will also talk through the down sides and set-backs – so will really chime with what is bothering many people now