Essentials Webinar Series is a programme of 1.5-hour webinars – broadcast live – providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information. These webinars are recorded live and are available for delegates to access freely for six months from the webinar date.

Join Dr Ezzat Awad, Consultant Neurologist as he presents different clinical scenarios to update your knowledge and skills, and provide you with the best suitable evidenced-based treatment. You will be able to differentiate blackout from acute seizure and non-epileptic seizure, and familiarise yourself with cardiac syncope, epileptic seizure and vasovagal syncope.

 Learning objectives:

1. Be familiar with the different causes of blackouts and seizures
2. Be able to collect a clear and succinct history for seizures and blackouts virtually
3. Be aware around the significance of the red flag signs and how these might affect management
4. Be aware of indications for face-to-face assessment
5. Be aware of management in primary care vs secondary
6. Be familiar of key assessment factors in monitoring patients with a recent history of a seizure or blackout

Webinar Chair:

Dr Hammad Ahmed, GP and RCGP’s Essex Faculty Education Lead

Webinar Speaker:

Dr Ezzat Awad, Consultant Neurologist, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex (Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust)


AiT rate – £15
RCGP Member rate – £20
Non-Member rate – £30

As part of this Neurology webinar series, Dr Ezzat Awad will also be delivering part two about TIAs and stroke mimics on Monday 1 November 2021.

This webinar is created and delivered by the RCGP’s Essex Faculty but is relevant and open-to-all GPs.