Essentials Webinar Series is a programme of 1.5-hour webinars  – broadcast live  – providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information. These webinars are recorded live and are available for delegates to access freely for six months from the webinar date.

This two part series is presented by the South Yorkshire North Trent (SYNT) Faculty and is open to all. Physical symptoms which cannot be fully explained by biomedical abnormalities are a core component of general practice. These symptoms can come in isolation or in clusters and syndromes. They occur in association with other diseases  (e.g. fatigue following cancer treatment) and on their own (e.g. widespread pain and cognitive difficulties in fibromyalgia). Health professionals commonly, refer to these as medically unexplained symptoms.

In the first of the two webinars in this series, we will summarise recent knowledge about persistent physical symptoms from a range of perspectives. The aim will be to demonstrate that these disorders need not be “medically unexplained” and to provide GPs with knowledge that is clinically relevant.

Learning objectives:

  1. Recognise that persistent physical symptoms can be understood and explained in ways that patients find helpful (and which go beyond Medically Unexplained Symptoms)
  2. Understand components of an interoception-focused model of symptoms
  3. Acquire new clinical skills or techniques for eliciting features of functional disorders
  4. Be able to discuss the pros and cons of diagnostic labels
  5. Understand the types and components of effective explanations
  6. Develop skills in communicating negative test results in a constructive manner
  7. Develop confidence in creating structured explanations with patients using the taught materials

Webinar Speaker:

Professor Chris Burton, MD FRCGP, professor of primary medical care, University of Sheffield


  • AiT rate – £15
  • RCGP Member rate – £20
  • Non-Member rate – £30