‘Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century’ – The Lancet

The climate crisis has numerous health implications. Healthcare additionally contributes to the problem, accounting for 4-5% of the UK’s carbon footprint. Healthcare professionals therefore have a growing duty to understand and help mitigate the effects of this.

This event will involve a panel discussion between a handful of healthcare professionals currently working within various areas of sustainable healthcare locally and further afield. It will provide inspiration and ideas for how to become involved in the growing field of Sustainable Healthcare within your current or future career. This will be followed by a Q&A session to help answer your questions further.

Learning Objectives

  • To have a greater knowledge of the various areas one can work in within Sustainable Healthcare
  • To have a greater knowledge of possible steps involved in order to work within the field of Sustainable Healthcare


Dr James Smith (Public Health Consultant and GP) and Dr Rebecca Davis (GP) both work at the University of Cambridge’s Clinical School of Medicine and are responsible for delivering and promoting Sustainable Healthcare education there. They will facilitate a panel discussion and Q+A session featuring themselves and external healthcare professionals working within this field.