Feel calmer, live better: How to Escape the Vortex of Busyness and Become Less Stressed.

This 2.5 hour session focuses on wellbeing and changing our reaction to stressful situations. We begin by looking at the concept of resilience and look at what happens to our performance under increasing pressure. We think about the physical and mental wellbeing resilience protective factors that help us to perform at our best and do a quick personal audit which helps to identify the areas we most need to work on.

In the second half of the workshop, we consider how our reactions to stressful events, and the stories we are telling ourselves can produce responses that are unhelpful for ourselves and others. We think about how to change our thinking, and give ourselves space so we can take rational, considered decisions and treat ourselves, our colleagues and our patients with kindness and compassion


Shapes: Vortex of Busyness, The Corner

Suitable for: Receptionists, admin teams, all members of the PHCT