Invitation to join the East of England Financial Wellbeing Webinar – LINK BELOW

I would like to invite you to attend our East of England Financial Wellbeing webinar, aimed at raising awareness of our Financial Wellbeing strategy, results of our recent Adult Financial Wellbeing Survey and opportunities to demonstrate the great work you do around financial wellbeing in our England Delivery Plan Progress Report.

In 2020 the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) launched the 10-year framework for achieving our vision of ‘everyone one making the most of their money and pensions’: the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing.

The UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing is formed around five agendas for change:

  • Financial Foundations – more ​children and young​ people getting a ​meaningful financial education.
  • Nation of Savers – helping working-age ‘struggling’ and ‘squeezed’ people to save regularly.
  • Credit Counts ​– working to help fewer people use credit to buy food or pay bills.
  • Better Debt Advice​ – increasing the supply of debt advice; and
  • Future Focus – encouraging ​people’s understanding enough to plan for, and in, later life.

Since then, MaPS has worked with hundreds of partners across East of England to develop and coordinate the recently launched England Delivery Plan. This can be viewed here.

The webinar is due to take place on Thursday 30th June, 12:00-13:30 virtually via MS Teams.

There will also be keynote speeches from Helen Pitman, Insights Manager for the Money and Pension Service; Neil Wood, Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager for the Office of Health Inequalities and Disparities and Lee Healey, Managing Director of IncomeMax.