Event Overview

Join us for this FREE one-day conference on gambling and its associated harms. This will be an in-person conference taking place at the RCGP flagship building 30 Euston Square, however we will also be streaming the sessions live for those who are unable to attend in person.

There is significant unmet need with respect to engaging people with gambling problems. A population study found only 18% of people identified as problem/pathological gamblers had ever sought treatment. Even when people with gambling issues contact national help lines for support (and around 38,000 do so per year), only a small number eventually engage in treatment. There is a culture of stigma which contributes to many people experiencing gambling-related harm, feeling they can or must address these problems on their own.

Given that children and adolescents are increasingly being exposed to gambling online and on television, and that there are multiple individual familial and societal risk factors for risky and problem gambling, GPs have an important role in identifying individuals at risk, in monitoring the consequences of gambling and to refer for specialist help if needed.

Learning objectives:

  • To be aware of the impact of gambling disorder and its related harms
  • To understand the stigma that impacts a person with gambling harms
  • To learn about the services and referral processes that exist to support people with gambling harms
  • To be aware of the GP training curriculum/e-learning and podcasts being produced by the RCGP

Topics include:

  • Tackling stigma
  • The seriousness of gambling harms: research and findings
  • Treatment provision and integration across the pathway
  • The lived experience of gambling harms
  • The Primary Care Gambling Service
  • RCGP resources
  • Why identifying those with gambling disorders is important

Conference Chair:

Anna Hargrave, Chief Commissioning Officer, GambleAware


  • Dame Clare Gerada, RCGP President
  • Frankie Graham, CEO, Betknowmore UK
  • Dr Jay Levy, Research Lead at GambleAware
  • Dr Amy Sweet, Head of Local Systems Research, GambleAware
  • Zoe Osmond, CEO, GambleAware
  • Neil Platt, Clinical Director, Beacon Counselling Trust
  • Dr Emma Ryan, GP Lead, Primary Care Gambling Service