As social prescribing develops there is a constant and necessary requirement to critically reflect on our practise. This is an opportunity we can take to convey to those supervising, commissioning or funding our work; what we do and how and why it makes a difference. Through writing exercises and discussion, you will examine the importance of asking yourself practice-related questions, reflecting on what you think and feel and putting your learning into action as a reflective practitioner.

This 2½ hour workshop will support you to:

• Develop an understanding of reflective writing and its benefits.

• Explore how reflective writing helps you to learn from your experience and improve your practice.

• Practise different models for approaching reflective writing in your day-to-day work.

This session is primarily aimed at Social Prescribing Link Workers, their supervisors and host organisations, however reflective practice is a critical skill for anyone working for community benefit so all are welcome.