Group and Virtual Group Consultations (An Introduction)

The ‘Getting Started’ series is designed to help you think through how you are going to approach any improvement you want to make in practice. It consists of the Project Outline, a generic overview for any potential improvement project and a series of project worksheets, which follow the outline and are designed to guide you through how your project could work in practice about specific issues. Each worksheet has been developed by GPs and practice managers from the Primary Care Improvement Faculty, focusing on topics that are relevant to day-to-day practice.

An example of a case study will be presented to show how you might introduce Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations in your practice. The webinar is for all primary care staff. We will consider new models of care, the use of technology, addressing demand and capacity issues and the promotion of peer support and self-care.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Getting Started Series: Project Outline document, which can be accessed online through Primary Care Improvement Connect, (follow the link to access documents:

Learning outcomes

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • discuss the role and use of Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations in General Practice.
  • describe a roadmap for launching Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations using Quality Improvement tools.
  • draw on examples where Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations have been successfully used.

This webinar is for anyone in NHS general practices and Primary Care Networks.

The sessions are delivered by experienced Primary Care Transformation Team faculty members, comprising practice-based clinicians and non-clinicians and improvement experts who have worked extensively with general practice and wider primary care.

Registration for each session will close two working days before the webinar or earlier if oversubscribed.