Event Overview

We all have been working through this pandemic with a lot of uncertainty and hazy future. During this period we have noticed that there has been discussions about mental well being of hospital doctors but very little appreciation and more so we have been famous for all the negative reasons on national media. In reality we have worked harder, invested more hours and effort to sail the nation through this pandemic but with very little support. We have felt isolation and eventually we remain confined to our clinic rooms and even some of us stayed away from their families for medical reasons. We should not forget all those who have lost their lives during this journey.


We came up with the Idea of this social club for members of East of Anglia Faculty so that we can connect with each other outside our working routines, share our experiences, jokes and appreciate each other efforts.


The plan is to hold regular virtual meetings until the lock down is lifted and continue live meetings as regular social event for our faculty with the sole idea to share , connect and explore each others talent. The platform will be open for all the GP’s to share their work they have been doing outside their clinics.

  1. Presenting Their hobbies like some music, painting, collection, gardening techniques etc
  2. Voluntary work
  3. Some hidden talent
  4. Comedy night and jokes
  5. Networking opportunities