Video Conferences for international General Practitioners (GPs) joining the NHS in England

NHS England and the General Medical Council (GMC) are running a series of video discussions for international GPs from January to July 2019.

Who are the sessions for?

The sessions are open to all international general practitioners joining the NHS in England; whether considering applying, have started the application process or are already working in England.

What will the sessions cover?

The question and answers (Q&A) sessions will cover the complexities of the NHS, the role of the GP and practical application of GMC guidance with an opportunity for you to join in the discussion.

The sessions will be presented by Kim Tolley (Training Development Manager for IGPR, GMC) and Dr Mehreen Tahir (Senior Clinical Adviser, NHS England).

How do I join?

To receive a link to the video conference and a calendar invite, please email Alexio Gardiner: