Appraisal in 2021: what does it look like and how can we help you prepare for it?

Are you a GP on a break from clinical practice and thinking about your next appraisal and revalidation? Perhaps you have had time off due to illness or are on maternity or paternity leave and are wondering about the challenges of returning to work? You may be a locum or close to retirement, doing just a few sessions of general practice and would value keeping in touch with colleagues and benefit from some peer support?

Join Dr Paula Newton, training hub retention lead and local appraiser, for this first session of our new ‘Keep in Touch’ ( KiT) programme on 20th May 2021. This new series is aimed at keeping in touch with and providing support to GPs at all stages in their career who for a variety reasons are not practising at the moment.


1.30pm – 2.30pm:  Appraisal update

2.30pm – 3pm:  Opportunity for Q and A and group discussion

Dr Paula Newton

GP Trainer, Senior GP Appraiser, CPTH GP Retention Lead

Dr Paula Newton’s core role for over 25 years continues to be clinical general practice. She also has a host of other strings to her bow, including GP trainer, Senior GP Appraiser, a member of the LMC committee and GP retention lead at the training hub. She has recent experience in offering pastoral and welfare support both for the LMC and also the ‘doctors for doctors’ service in secondary care.