This promotional webinar has been commissioned by A. Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale SRL and organised in partnership with Guidelines in Practice. It focuses on a standardised management of chronic coronary syndrome (CCS) through real world practical changes, demonstrating service cost savings, and better management of patients.

It will recognise challenges in the management of patients with angina for both the cardiology and non-specialised physician and provide practical solutions on how to appropriately tailor angina medication and empower primary and secondary care acute physicians to make more informed decisions on the management of angina, without having to always resort to cardiology review.

This 1-hour Guidelines in Practice webinar will discuss:

  • challenges of CCS in acute medical units
  • medical management of CCS across primary and secondary care
  • practical solutions to challenges involved with implementing and commissioning changes at system level.

This webinar is intended for UK healthcare professionals only.