Whilst you cannot (and should not) be responsible for your teams’ mental health and wellbeing, providing a safe and supportive environment in which to work is more important now than ever.

Yet many managers and leaders feel ill-equipped to deal with these challenges and may feel that they just don’t have what it takes. They worry they might make things worse, say the wrong thing or put too much pressure on people.

We understand how it can feel like walking along a tightrope between wellbeing and productivity and know the pressures many leaders are under right now to perform at the highest level whilst making sure their teams are OK.

We believe that it shouldn’t be a choice between managers being OK and teams being OK. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and in it for the long haul.

We have supported many managers and teams to maximise their own wellbeing and productivity whilst ensuring their teams are working together better than ever.

So please join Dr Rachel Morris (GP, Executive Coach and Specialist in Resilience in the Workplace) and Sheela Hobden (Executive Coach, HR Professional and Specialist in Wellbeing) for a webinar where we’ll be sharing with you some quick and easy tips and tools to support your teams without putting loads of pressure on you, and without taking up all of your precious time.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the webinar:

  • How current COVID crisis is affecting teams, their leaders and managers
  • The common traps managers fall into when trying to help their teams
  • Quick, simple and effective tools and techniques you can use to support your teams
  • How to stay resilient as a team leader for the long haul