About this Event

With health inequalities becoming more and more apparent, now more than ever we need to prioritise improving care for mothers and babies.

Join us for a conversation with the groundbreaking Lullaby Project developed by Carnegie Hall in New York. Our panel of impressive speakers will discuss the fascinating connection between babies and music and the positive side effects this can have on early years development. The conversation will look to unearth key insights from the Lullaby Project and how they’ve already had an impact on improving the health outcomes of mothers and children through their programme.

Who is speaking?

  • Tiffany Oritz, Director of Early Childhood Programs, Carnegie Hall
  • Dennie Palmer Wolf, Principal Researcher, Carnegie Hall
  • Dave Sweeney, SRO, Cheshire & Merseyside Health Partnership
  • Nic Gitsham, Head of Social Prescribing, NHS England
  • Catherine McLennan, Director of Improving Me
  • Helen Fouracre, Head of Music Arts Council England

Who is this event for?

  • Health commissioners
  • System leaders
  • Maternity and PAED workforce staff
  • NHS organisations
  • Social prescribing champions
  • Arts organisations looking for new partnerships in health
  • Third sector organisations who work in early years/ maternal health

What is the Lullaby project?

The Lullaby Project pairs pregnant women and new mothers and fathers with professional artists to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies, supporting maternal health, aiding childhood development, and strengthening the bond between parent and child.

In New York City, the project reaches parents in healthcare settings, homeless shelters, high schools, foster care, and correctional facilities. Extending across the country and around the world, the Lullaby Project enables partner organizations to support families in their own communities.