As we are not currently able to deliver face to face training, we have designed the updates to be delivered in a series of short webinars, each being 1.5 hours.

All immunisers will need to attend webinars 1 AND 2.
Only those offering the routine childhood immunisations will need to attend webinar 3.

Webinar 1 will cover the medicines management type content required in the annual update – consent, PGDs/PSDs, cold chain, safe and appropriate administration of vaccines etc

Webinar 2 will cover the adult vaccines – flu (*), pneumococcal, shingles, pertussis for pregnant women and tetanus

Webinar 3 will cover childhood vaccines

*We are aware that some HCAs and NPs give nasal flu vaccine but no other childhood vaccines so we will cover BOTH adult and childhood flu vaccines in webinar 2.

Webinar 1

  • Consent
  • Appropriate use of PGDs and PSDs
  • Maintaining the cold chain
  • Safe and appropriate administration of vaccines
  • Managing vaccination safely and effectively during COVID-19
  • Q & A session