About the event

This event will provide:

  • An update on the current progress on rolling out access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices within prisons and secure estates for anyone with Type 1 diabetes.
  • An update on the integration of Methasoft Integration with HJIS
  • An update on the FP10 Electronic Prescribing using EPS

Why it’s important

The event provides a backdrop to a programme of work led centrally to support consistent access to CGM use for people with type 1 diabetes. Attendees can use the information to review local processes and improve outcomes. Attendees can also prepare for expected rollout of the Methasoft and EPS digital developments.

What will be covered

  1. Which CGM devices have been submitted for security approval to use within prisons.
  2. Guidance on what commissioners, providers and healthcare teams will need to do to implement them
  3. Providers will be aware of plans to rollout EPS and Methasoft integration.


A range of speakers from SPS and other organisations will run this event.

Non-SPS Speakers

Denise Farmer

National Heath and Justice Pharmaceutical Adviser; NHS England

Hayley Mason

Project Support Officer; NHS England