In celebration of International Women’s Day this month, the BMA are holding a webinar presenting senior female GP leaders, talking about their leadership and career journeys. Attendees can expect insight and advice on career progression, inspirational stories shared to help guide and motivate the future leaders of tomorrow of all genders, and an opportunity to submit questions as part of the Q&A panel discussion.

This workshop is free for BMA members and non-members. Click here to find out more.


  • Dr Katie Bramall Stainer (CEO Cambs LMC, BMA deputy-chair UK LMC conference, BMA Council)
  • Dr Samira Anane, chair (GP and GPC policy lead for Education, training and workforce)
  • Dr Nikki Kanani (Medical director for primary care, NHS England and NHS Improvement)
  • Dr Helena McKeown (chair of BMA representative body)
  • Dr Farah Jameel (GPC England executive team & chair of Camden LMC)
  • Dr Margaret Ikpoh (RCGP council, associate director of primary care Hull Medical School