Are you a nurse or a health care professional? Do you have experience recording ECG’s but don’t really understand them?

If you work in an environment where you have regular access to ECG’s our workshop will enable you to confidently identify the normal ECG and its most common pathological features, such as ischaemia, heart and bundle blocks, as well as the most common arrhythmias.
All of the case-scenarios and ECGs used are from real patients.
If you know the basics of electrocardiography, use this valuable course as a strong update.
Delivered by nurses, for nurses.

The course will be delivered by two highly skilled professionals:
• Manuel Sevillano-Barbero – A&E nurse, HEMS Specialist and lecturer in Advanced Nursing Practice at Anglia Ruskin University
• Daniel Perez-Martin – A&E and Cardiac ITU/ACU Nurse, Nursing Manager in MSF, currently research nurse at Royal London Hospital

Day 1
09.00-10.30 Welcome Anatomy of the heart
10.30-10.45 Break
10.45-12.00 Electrophysiology of the heart
12.00-13.00 Break
13.00-14.30 The normal ECG I.
14.30-14.45 Break
14.45-16.00 The normal ECG II.
16.00-17.00 Atrial-ventricular blocks Practice with “real ECG’s”
Day 2
09.00-10.30 Welcome Introduction to myocardial ischaemia I.
10.30-10.45 Break
10.45-12.00 Introduction to myocardial ischaemia II. Practice with “real ECG’s”
12.00-13.00 Break
13.00-14.30 Tachyarrhythmias (AF, Flutter, SVT’s and ventricular arrhythmias) Practice with “real ECG’s”
14.30-14.45 Break
14.45-16.00 Bundle branch blocks Practice with “real ECG’s”
16.00-17.00 Grand review and final considerations