Investing in Social Prescribing Link Workers

The framework has been developed by NHS England in collaboration with range of stakeholders, to support SPLWs and their employers to maximise impact of the role.  It focuses on the core functions, skills and competencies of the SPLW role, alongside the professional support and development SPLWs require to enable them to practice safely, work effectively, and support improved outcomes for people and communities.

The framework includes core competencies and has links to resources to support employers to recruit and embed SPLWs in services.  It includes a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate these competencies in practice, enabling the identification of any development needs.  

Organisations employing SPLWs, including primary care networks, are encouraged to use this framework to support recruitment and retention of SPLW’s.  Using this will also support you to develop a greater understanding of the role, its scope of practice and the training and development requirement to enable SPLWs to practice safely and effectively.  

The learning objectives include:

  • To understand the elements of the workforce development framework and how they promote the development of a strong and capable workforce of SPLWs.  
  • Provide examples of how the elements of the workforce development framework can be implemented in practice.
  • Provide an opportunity to ask questions about the framework and learn how to access it. 


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Name: Anthony McDadd / Ali Green