An overview of the various methods of contraception available to patients, including assessing suitability for these methods. This webinar provides a good overview of the various methods of contraception available and the patient groups they may be suitable for.

Aimed at:

  • Practice nurses
  • Assistant Practitioners
  • Other clinicians advising patients on contraception

Webinar Course content:

  • How to undertake a Contraception Consultation
  • Where to get all the essential information to help you and your patients
  • Contraception Risk Assessments – UKMEC
  • Effectiveness of methods
  • How to help patients choose the best method for them
  • Safe Prescribing
  • Age related issues (e.g. Fraser Guidelines/perimenopause)
  • Starting on a method – the essentials
  • Contraception “checks” – requirements
  • Emergency Contraception
  • In-depth review of Combined Hormonal Contraception

o Patch
o Ring

  • Progestogen Only Pills
  • Overview of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Methods

o Implant
o Coils – IUD/IUS’s
o Depo injections

  • Barrier methods
  • Fertility Awareness Methods
  • New methods coming…
  • Opportunities to discuss contraceptive conundrums

Learning materials:

All delegates will be emailed a certificate of attendance and copy of the presentation.

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