Event Overview

This webinar is for all colleagues working in primary care teams. The aim to explore quality improvement methodology and tools to make practice projects more likely to be successful. The session will be based on examples from front line practitioners in real world situations.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore common pitfalls in QI projects
  • Share easy tools to help understand everyday work systems
  • Share QI tips to help diagnose the problem
  • Help develop change ideas

Who is it for:

GPs, GPNs, Practice managers, pharmacists, AHPs and all primary care clinical or admin teams interested in quality improvement activities.


Quality improvement skills have been included in the RCGP curriculum for GP trainees for several years, and QIA is part of annual GP appraisal. Traditionally primary care used audit as a method to bench march against standards and QOF supported this way of measuring and reporting. This can make QI a task to be undertaken, rather than a reflection and evaluation of our work and needs of the people who use and work in our service.

This webinar aims to showcase how QI can be used to make meaningful changes in practice and is the second in a series exploring QI in primary care through the quality improvement capacity and knowledge (QUICK) project, a collaboration between RCGP and The Health Foundation.