An introduction to travel health for registered health professionals who have not undertaken basic immunisation training. It reflects the RCN competency framework for travel health medicine, the Public Health England and Wales standards for immunisation training and DH immunisation policy. Also addresses legal and professional accountability in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and the NMC Standards for Medicines Management.

Course Aim

  • To develop an enhanced understanding of travel health issues for the client and the practitioner

Course Content

National and international guidelines and policy requirements; sources of guidance and information

Public Health England and Wales immunisation standards for practice and the RCN travel health core competencies:

  • General standards for all nurses working in travel health
  • Travel health consultations
  • Professional responsibilities for nurses working in travel health
  • Immunology and vaccine technology
  • Public perceptions about immunisation
  • Vaccine storage, handling, administration, & record keeping
  • Understanding and management of anaphylaxis
  • Risk assessment:- the traveller; the destination; travel duration; travel itineries; special needs
  • Vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination
  • Health promotion and preventive measures for non vaccine preventable diseases
  • Health care abroad and health insurance
  • Travel health update