Organisations are not machines whose components can be planned by external master craftspeople to function only as designed. Rather, organisations are complex adaptive systems comprising individuals who interact, but who retain a measure of autonomy and individual thought. Working across multiple organisations within a system, such as the 9 health and social care organisations across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System, add to this complexity.

  • What do we know about such complex systems?
  • How might acceptance of that knowledge change the way we approach the leadership of change?
  • What might be some practical, effective (albeit, non-traditional) tools and approaches to help us navigate through to sustainable change?

This event is open to all C&P health and social care clinical and non-clinical leaders who would like to hear Paul Plsek, the internationally acclaimed expert in transformational leadership, share his expertise on:

  • Understanding complex adaptive systems
  • The futility of detailed plans
  • How complex outcomes can emerge from simple rules and interaction
  • The role of tension and “destruction” in transformation and renewal
  • How transformational change really happens: Principles and models
  • An introduction to practical tools for leaders of change in complex systems
  • Creating a meaningful vision of desired change
  • Capturing a “good enough plan” in a driver diagram
  • Pattern mapping across a system to enable sustainable partnership working