In a world where the NHS don their uniforms and leave families to fight an invisible enemy, we invite you to spend an hour engaging with military, humanitarian and business leaders who have also had to lead in a crisis.

These leaders are enthusiastic about sharing their experience and insights to help those supporting the public to beat COVID-19. You will have a chance to hear and ask questions about how they managed their own challenges and fears, as well as leading their teams over a sustained period of time, and under intense pressure.

Intended for middle and senior NHS managers, these informal webinars are designed to offer you a different perspective, insight and reassurance during this crisis.

You will hear from leaders who:

  • Have commanded soldiers on operations in the Gulf War, Namibia, Northern Ireland, the Balkans and Afghanistan
  • Have directed UN Peacekeeping missions in Angola and Mozambique Currently manage reservists at the Nightingale Hospital
  • Have successfully managed environmental and business crises e.g. the BP Horizon Deepwater Disaster

The webinars are organised and hosted by Pearson College London, part of Pearson, a FTSE 100 and global education company. We are immersed in real business and committed to teaching real-life experiences to all our learners, who include the NHS.

The live webinars will be held via Zoom.